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Marta Líbalová - Biography 

Czech/Danish violinist, Marta Libalova has studied at Prague Conservatory of Music with Professor Rejsek and Professor Stetina, and subsequently at the Academy of Music in Prague with Professor Antonin Moravec and completed her education in 1984. Throughout Marta Libalova's studies, she traveled around in Europe as a soloist and chamber musician in e.g. Italy, Belgium, the Netherlands, France, Poland, Germany and Russia.

In 1984, Marta Libalova married a Danish violinist and moved to Denmark in 1985, where she studied soloist class with Milan Vitek and became a permanent member of the Collegium Musicum with Michael Schønwandt.

At the same time, Marta Libalova worked as both soloist with e.g. Tchaikovsky, Dvořák, Wieniawski, Mozart and Bach and as a chamber musician in various contexts both in Denmark and abroad, such as: Australia and Europe.

She was the founder of the Carl Nielsen Chamber Orchestra in 1993.

Marta Libalova has formed a permanent duo, called "Duo Modus" for violin and concert accordion. The duo arranges works for classical and modern music for violin and concert accordion. They have premiered a double concert dedicated to the duo, written by Anders Koppel and Ole Schmidt. The duo has played countless concerts in Asia, Europe and Israel, and have been invited to famous music festivals such as: "Chamber Music Connects the World" in the company of Gideon Kremer and Yuri Bashmet, and the Schleswig-Holstein Festival.
They have recorded 4 CDs, and one of them is recorded by "Edel Classic Berlin" (with the highest awards).

One of the CDs was named "CD of the Week" on Danmarks Radio, and is also played on international radios.

In 1986, at the request of the Jutland Conservatory of Music in Aarhus, she got assigned to be a violin and chamber music teacher.

Since 1992, Marta Libalova has been an associate professor of violin and chamber music.

In 1994, she was the first who started the subject of violin pedagogy at DJM. Since 1995, Marta also teaches viola.

Marta Libalova has ever since been an internationally requested teacher for both students and professional musicians.

In 2007 she transferred to the South Danish Conservatory of Music as an associate professor of violin, viola and chamber music.

Marta Libalova is also giving masterclasses for violin and viola, and in addition she is giving courses for music educators in Europe and Israel.

She has served as a jury for international and national violin and chamber music competitions.
She has also founded the "Jacob Gade competition" (Protector: Her Royal Highness, Princess Benedict) exclusively for violinists in Denmark for children and young people. 

At the same time, Marta Libalova has prepared students in both violin and viola for international and national competitions, whereas they have won following awards:

- Winner of special prize at Prague Spring international violin competition

- Winner of special prize at Carl Nielsen international violin competition

- 1st and 2nd Place of the Nordic Biennale

- 1st Place at the international Citte de Andria competition, Italy

- 1st Place at the International Violin Competition in Graz, Austria

- 1st Place at the International Violin Competition in Rhineland, Germany

- 1st Place of the International Masterclass Prof. Walter Forchert in Frankfurt, Germany

- 4th Place at the Bundeswettbewerb in Mannheim, Germany

- 1st Place at the Landeswettbewerb in Schleswig-Holstein

- 1st Place at Landeswettbewerb Jugend Musiziert, Schleswig-Holstein

- 1st Place and absolute winner in viola at the Karl Ditters von Dittersdorf International Competition

- 3rd Place at the North International Music Competition

- 1st Place in 5. Tschaikowsky Wettbewerb, Hamburg

- Two times 2nd place winners in P2's Music Competition

- 2nd Place in P2's chamber music competition

- 1st Place at AUT competition

-Several 1. Place winners at the Jutland Music Conservatory's soloist competition

- 1st Place at Jacob Gade Violin Competition

- Two times 1st Place winners and a gold medal at Berlingske Tidende's Music Competition

- 1st Place for Young Players Classic  

Several of Marta Libalova's students are scholarship-and award recipients from:

  • Simon Spies Glædespris
  • Two Jacob Gade Prizes
  • Bikubens Kammermusikpris
  • Aenchen og Eigil Harbys Legat
  • Søren P. Sørensens Mindefond
  • Betty og Valdemar van Hausens Mindefond

Also, Marta Libalova's students have been admitted to the Mozarteum in Salzburg with the world-famous violinist and Prof. Ruggiero Ricci, who wanted Marta Libalova as an assistant to his class at the Mozarteum, and who has made the following written statement about Marta Libalova: 
"Having taught numerous students of Marta Libalova in masterclasses, I must say that I have always been very impressed by these students. They have demonstrated a consistently high level of technical accomplishments and also a highly developed sense of musicianship. Rarely in these students have I encountered that kind of deep-rooted basic weaknesses, that I find in other students who have come to me from any but the best teachers, and therefore it is my opinion that Marta Libalova is a first rate violin pedagogue."

Throughout Marta Libalova's career, she has educated students with a solo career, such as Gabriela Demeterova.

Other students of hers also play as soloists with orchestras and record CDs.

Internationally, several of her students have been employed in the Berlin Symphony Orchestra, the Oslo Philharmonic, as well as concertmaster positions in The Hague, and employments in countries such as. Japan, America, Sweden, Norway, the Czech Republic, Italy and Ukraine.

Many of Marta Libalova's students are employees of all orchestras in Denmark. Her students, such as Johannes Søe Hansen, have also obtained employments in Danish orchestras as concertmaster positions in e.g. The Radio Symphony Orchestra, Copenhagen Phil, Athelas Sinfonietta Copenhagen and the Entertainment Orchestra in Denmark.