Czech/Danish violinist & pedagogue

Marta Líbalová 

Marta Líbalová

"Having taught numerous of students of Marta Líbalová in masterclasses, I must say that I have always been very impressed by these students. They have demonstrated a consistently high level of technical accomplishment and also a high developed sense of musicianship. Rarely in these students have I encountered the kind of deep-rooted basic weaknesses that I find in other students who have come to me from any but the best teachers, and therefore it is my opinion that Marta Líbalová is a first rate violin pedagogue" 

-  Ruggiero Ricci, American violinist, virtuos, professor in "Mozarteum" in Salzburg

I know Mrs. Marta Líbalová as an excellent musician with a rare talent. Her pedagogical abilities are exceptional" 

- Josef Suk, Violin virtuos - Czech Republic  

"I know Marta Líbalová for many years as an extraordinary musician, violinist and teacher. I have discovered through her an absolutely new view on the violin techniques, and the music itself. All of my experiences with Marta Líbalová were immediately tested on the stages around the world. That once for ever, definitely assured me, that I am studying with a top class violin quality teacher, advisor and most of all a great musician. Even though my official studies are finished many years ago, I still come to Marta Líbalová for advise and suggestions. I was extremely lucky I found my violin GURU in Marta. Her experiences as a teacher and solo performer as well are tested in the hardest violin repertoire I have to perform in my concerts" 

- Gabriela Demeterová, International solo concert violinist and violist - Czech Republic/United Kingdom  

"Ms. Marta Líbalová has taught good violin students from both the Tel Aviv and Jerusalem Academies of Music - very successfully.
Ms. Marta is a highly skilled violinist, a wonderful performer and a very inspiring teacher for her students"

- Dr. David Sella, President of the Israel Cello Society - Israel  

 "Marta Líbalová possesses an unusual musical talent that is only very rarely met. Already during her studies in Prague, Marta Líbalová was a sought-after educator, among fellow students as well as professional musicians, within various instrument groups. I have studied with many of the most internationally recognized cello-educators, but the teaching I have received from Marta Líbalová has undoubtedly been one of the most important for my development as a soloist and chamber musician. Her exceptional ability to analyze and finding solutions to any problem, is impressive. Not least, she is a brilliant psychologist, who gives her students so much confidence, that they can take full advantage of their talent, as I consider Marta Líbalová to be an educator of the highest international class" 

- Michaela Fukacova, cellist - Czech Republic/Denmark 

"Talent, energy and inspiration: Marta Líbalová brings these and many other positive attributions to her work as a performer and teacher. She possesses a magical ability, or so it seems. Perhaps it is a keen insight into each student's abilities and potential. Perhaps it is a transcendental knowledge of violin pedagogy and techniques. Perhaps it is her dedication. Although difficult to analyze, her pedagogical skills are myriad" 

- Dr. Joan Metelli,  Associate professor -  Indiana University , America 

"Marta Líbalová is an unusually exciting personality, which I have experienced by playing concerts with her. With the knowledge I have of some of her students, it is quite clear to me, that her pedagogical talent is of an unusual format." 

- Bohumila Jedlickova, Docent by the Royal Danish Conservatory Of Music - Czech Republic/Denmark 

For several years I have been familiar with Marta Líbalová's skills, both in the executive and in the pedagogical field. It is in my opinion, that Marta Líbalová as a person unities all the most important qualities, which are necessary  for an instrumentalist and educator at the highest level: A deep understanding of the instrumental basis, the central position of "the craft" in the development of an aspiring musician, an uncompromising and enthusiastic commitment to the dimensions of music, a psychological and methodological knowledge and care for the individual student, and to that added human qualities of a carat" 

- P. Westenholz,  Docent, Royal Academy of Music, Aarhus - Denmark 

"With Marta Líbalová as a teacher, you are in the best hands not only in Denmark, but worldwide. She performs her work with 100% enthusiasm and her students are in the very rare situation of having a first class teacher" 

- Anne Søe Hansen, Copenhagen Conservatory and concertmaster - Denmark  

"I have been studying with Marta Libalova since I was 13 years old. She has made sure to give me a basic technique that allows me to play almost anything written for violin. She has helped me so far, that I could participate in major international violin competitions. The jury members and others noticed and pointed out that I came from a well-founded school, and asked interestedly which teacher I was studying at. I think is most fantastic is, when Marta Líbalová with her enormous knowledge and experience, guides one to the essence of music, through the movements and sound get it out to the audience. Besides the professional, I also think that she is one of the most exciting and nicest people I know"

- Ole Jacob Frederiksen, previous student - Denmark 

"Marta Líbalova is not only an excellent violinist, but also an exceptionally skilled violin educator. Marta Líbalová knows her instrument 100% and because she is so technically conscious and musically well-founded, her teaching is very purposeful and incredible effective" 

- Martin Lund, previous student - Denmark   

"Marta Líbalová is an artist. Her great love of music and the violin is admirable. She works not only with the technical and musical aspects, but also with the psychological elements, and manages to link these things together. Marta Líbalová is also a very honest person. Marta plays excellent and knows no limits on the violin. She is an amazing teacher, an amazing person and a great role model."

- Stine Vinther Hannibal Bruun, previous student - Denmark 

"Marta Líbalová has taught me to play the violin with a minimum of effort and exertion of the body. Her techniques seems to me overly logical, and often genius in its simplicity. Marta for me is an incredible good teacher, for whom I have the greatest respect. I owe her very much, and I am very impressed how far I reached in such a short time thanks to her." 

- Jakob Rosendahl Povlsen, previous student - Denmark 

"Marta Líbalová has proven to be an absolutely fantastic teacher, which has made me develop enormously on the violin, and has opened up a whole new world for me, when it comes to play the violin. Because she is an incredible warm person and is a person who knows people, she is able to adapt the teaching individually to each and every student" 

- Helga Hjetland, previous student - Norway